MacBook Pro Review

25 March 2022 by Lincoln Ramsay

This is my review of a MacBook Pro 14″ (2022). I’m coming from a MacBook Pro 13″ (2011) so that’s my reference for how a machine should be. more…

The Big Upgrade

28 February 2022 by Lincoln Ramsay

I finally got a new laptop. It’s a MacBook Pro 14″.

It’s been as hassle to get it going, but I had several things going against me…

  1. My old machine never upgraded to Catalina, so I never had to worry about 32-bit binaries. It turns out I still had quite a few of them!
  2. Just like the last time Apple changed processors, Rosetta is amazing, but it’s not a complete solution.

For some time now, I’ve been dragging my OS from machine to machine, so much that I wouldn’t be surprised to find a powerpc binary somewhere on here still. I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to easily move onto the new machine but thankfully there was a “restore from x86 Time Machine” process.

Actually, it turns out dragging my whole backup was maybe not a great idea. The sheer amount of cruft I have accumulated over many decades is astounding. So many barely-remembered binaries (no longer working), strange folders in Library, etc. I found a non-functioning install of homebrew in /usr/local which prevented me from installing a current version in /opt/homebrew.

This isn’t a review of the machine itself. I might do that later. For now, this is just some notes I’ve been making as I setup the machine. more…

RIP MacBook Pro

15 January 2022 by Lincoln Ramsay

My venerable MacBook Pro, a 13″ early 2011 model has finally died.

For years now I’ve been considering what to do when this happens. Every time I had to spend money to keep it going I debated the likelihood that it’d last long enough to make the upgrade worthwhile. More recently, I’ve been debating throwing another OS on it, since Apple stopped supporting it some time ago and its software is both old and starting to become unsupported by apps. more…

Jira: View recent comments while sorting by oldest first

01 April 2021 by Lincoln Ramsay

Jira added comment sorting by newest first, in addition to the traditional oldest first. They even forced this on for everyone by default (ugh). Of course, I hate it because it puts things in the wrong order. But the worst part of the update is that they broke the existing behaviour of sorting by oldest first.

Before, it would show you the most recent comments, with a “View older comments” button. Now, it shows you the oldest comments, with a “View newer comments” button. WTF?! Why would anyone want to see only the oldest comments on an issue?!

Since I can’t stand this broken logic, I have created a userscript to fix it. All this script does is locate the button on the page and click it. Once again, scrolling to the bottom of the page will show the most recent comments (and new comment box)!


Moving web hosts

16 February 2021 by Lincoln Ramsay

I have written about how my site was hosted at nosupportlinuxhosting a few times. They were recently hacked, and since it was their admin server, rather than just their hosting servers that were broken into, they were apparently unable to continue and have shut down. RIP nosupportlinuxhosting.

Of course… that meant I had to move my site to a new host. more…

Smart Watch Update

18 September 2020 by Lincoln Ramsay

I almost gave up on this watch…

It came with a fairly standard strap. The kind I can’t tolerate while working. So in order to wear it at all, I had to constantly take it off and put it on again. Literally the day I got sick of it and decided I’d just stop wearing it was the day the replacement strap arrived.

My wife’s watch came with a velcro strap. I thought it looked interesting. I hoped it would be a bit quicker/easier to take on and off. I figured it would allow for more accurate tightness control, compared to the fixed positions a buckle offers. I had ordered a similar strap for my watch.

It was night and day. This one accessory made me love the watch. Or at least, it stopped me from throwing it away. more…

Revert the right Jira column

16 September 2020 by Lincoln Ramsay

Here I go again, fixing Jira annoyances.

A little while back, Atlassian decided that everyone has ultra-wide screens, so the right column should be wide (1/3 of the screen) and that it should scroll separately to the main content.


I have created jira_resize_right_column.user.js as a fix. It’s a bit nasty, but it is working for me.

It does 3 things.

1) It tries to remove all the scrolling bits from the page so that there is only a global page scroll again.
2) It set the right column to a much more reasonable 20% of the page width (by default).
3) It gives you a resize handle (the blue square at the top of the screen) that you can use to set the right column width.

Resizing the column is … dodgy. It seems to calculate the width incorrectly, but it does sort of work 🙂

Honestly, the worst part of this script is that it works after the page loads, so for the 18 seconds or so it takes to load any Jira page, you’re stuck looking at the horrible new design before the script fixes things. Maybe one day Jira will load quickly, making that problem go away.

Smart Watch?

08 August 2020 by Lincoln Ramsay

About a week ago, I bought a Ticwatch E. It’s my first smart watch, something I bought in a fire sale in order to see if this kind of product even makes sense for me. So how is it faring? more…

2020 Chilli Sauce Recipe

30 June 2020 by Lincoln Ramsay

The Finished Product

This is the third batch of chilli sauce I’ve made and I actually took some notes this time. Each batch has been slightly different, but the general aim has been more or less the same. I like a thick chilli sauce that is both hot and tasty. more…

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