Adventures with Quassel

23 May 2013 by Lincoln Ramsay

So the bad news is you can’t just download the Quassel binaries for Mac if you’re running 10.6 🙁

The good news is that since I had to download the source code and build it, I was able to turn off stupid things like link previews and fix the longstanding initial-size bug that’s been annoying me for ages.

The problem is that every time I launch Quassel the window is a little shorter. I didn’t end up figuring out exactly where the problem was but I did find out that the first resizeEvent has a different size to the resize() call made during startup. I simply inserted a hack to ignore this first resizeEvent and resize the window again, which did the trick.

Oh, and for some reason I have Qt binaries (used by the Quassel build process) that need libdbus-1.dylib but that’s not part of my Qt install. Luckily I had a copy of this lib inside the old Gimp for X11 app bundle I have lying around that I could use to get things to compile.

I thought about uploading this to the internet but my connection is really slow and most people probably want the monolithic client anyway (which isn’t what I’ve built).