Jira: View recent comments while sorting by oldest first

01 April 2021 by Lincoln Ramsay

Jira added comment sorting by newest first, in addition to the traditional oldest first. They even forced this on for everyone by default (ugh). Of course, I hate it because it puts things in the wrong order. But the worst part of the update is that they broke the existing behaviour of sorting by oldest first.

Before, it would show you the most recent comments, with a “View older comments” button. Now, it shows you the oldest comments, with a “View newer comments” button. WTF?! Why would anyone want to see only the oldest comments on an issue?!

Since I can’t stand this broken logic, I have created a userscript to fix it. All this script does is locate the button on the page and click it. Once again, scrolling to the bottom of the page will show the most recent comments (and new comment box)!