Remove the Jira notification badge

10 August 2018 by Lincoln Ramsay

I use Jira at work and there’s this really annoying thing…

That unassuming bell icon. As it appears here, it’s inoffensive and something I can happily ignore. But every time Jira sends me an email, it also puts a badge on this icon. Worse, making it go away mean clicking it, waiting for the page to load, then clicking on a tiny “mark as read” link.

I’m not the only one it has annoyed. There’s a Jira issue here: JRACLOUD-69724

Not being content to just ignore it, I went ahead and created my own workaround. It’s a userscript that removes the element from the page.

Get it here: remove_jira_notifications.user.js

I have only tested it on the specific, hosted Jira I use at work (not the same site being matched by the script – you’ll need to set that appropriately for your Jira), and only with Firefox 61 on Linux using Tampermonkey as the userscript manager.

Update Feb 2021

I probably haven’t noticed all the changes I’ve made over time (since Jira/Confluence are a moving target) but with any luck, that shouldn’t matter because Tampermonkey will auto-update the script when I push a new revision.

Update 20 Aug 2018

I found some pages that load elements after the page has finished loading so the script handles that now. And it removes the same element on Confluence pages (the link is slightly different).

Update 10 Oct 2018

JIRA changed from a link to a button element. The script now handles that (as well as the old link, just in case).

Update 17 Dec 2018

Confluence changed to a similar system to JIRA (but with a div instead of a button).

Update 10 Mar 2020

Confluence moved the navigation to the top and changed to a span, and it gets added twice now.

Update 13 Mar 2020

JIRA moved the navigation to the top and changed to a span, and it gets added twice now.

Update 21 Jul 2020

Confluence changes the location without reloading the page. The script now checks whenever this happens (mostly noticeable as editing a page causing the icon to appear).

Update 4 Aug 2020

When publishing a page, the icon appears 3 times! Handle this. The script was also changed to just pick up every site (removing the need to edit the script).