Revert the right Jira column

16 September 2020 by Lincoln Ramsay

Here I go again, fixing Jira annoyances.

A little while back, Atlassian decided that everyone has ultra-wide screens, so the right column should be wide (1/3 of the screen) and that it should scroll separately to the main content.


I have created jira_resize_right_column.user.js as a fix. It’s a bit nasty, but it is working for me.

It does 3 things.

1) It tries to remove all the scrolling bits from the page so that there is only a global page scroll again.
2) It set the right column to a much more reasonable 20% of the page width (by default).
3) It gives you a resize handle (the blue square at the top of the screen) that you can use to set the right column width.

Resizing the column is … dodgy. It seems to calculate the width incorrectly, but it does sort of work 🙂

Honestly, the worst part of this script is that it works after the page loads, so for the 18 seconds or so it takes to load any Jira page, you’re stuck looking at the horrible new design before the script fixes things. Maybe one day Jira will load quickly, making that problem go away.