The Mysterious Cities of Gold Soundtrack

25 September 2015 by Lincoln Ramsay

I watched at least a few episodes of The Mysterious Cities of Gold (hereafter TMCoG) as a kid. More recently, the series was shown on TV and the whole family sat down to watch it. Then last weekend, an offhand comment got me wondering about the soundtrack. TMCoG has awesome music. Very 70s, French and electronic but still awesome.

Some searching quickly turned up information about an LP release that was done at the time. And apparently there was a CD for sale but I couldn’t track it down. I did find a youtube playlist that had been put together. Some of the tracks are preserved well, some not so much. Still… it’s the TMCoG music so it’s great.

Then I stumbled onto the “re-orchestration” scene. People clearly want better sounding audio and have re-made the songs. The main problem with this is that it all sounds completely different. Except for this one guy. He has gone as far as sourcing the same instruments (I’m guessing mostly old synths) so that he can faithfully re-create the music. And he totally nails it.

His site is The Grand Heritage. It’s all in French so you’ll need to run it through a translator.

This guy had a CD of re-created tracks out in 2002 (again, I couldn’t find it), then started up this site in 2011 to continue the work. There’s 88 songs there. Further than any soundtrack would normally go, he seems intent on re-creating all the music, even little incidental bits. I love it!