Worlds Without Words!

18 July 2013 by Lincoln Ramsay

Oh wow. I’ve been searching for this game for so long.

May I present, an enigma from my childhood, Worlds Without Words.

Worlds Without Words

The game was made by 4Mation for the BBC Micro. We had the 3.5-inch floppy version.

This shot of the box comes from a closed ebay auction. I could have got this game for only a pound! Bummer 🙁

I remember a whole bunch of mini-games. Things like building a robot that could get through a course. 3 heads, 3 bodies, 3 “feet” but only 1 combination can get through the course. There were sliding block puzzles, walking around a city, building a rocket, connecting pipes. Too bad my memories are all extremely old and unreliable.

Sadly, this game lived before the internet and it is virtually impossible to find anything on it now. Maybe one day…